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  • Fatna Dress Fatna Dress
    Fatna Dress

    /!\ PRODUIT VICTIME DE SON SUCCÈS /!\Le produit est malheureusement en rupture de stock. Mais patience, la nouvelle collection arrive très bientôt ! :) Fabriquée afin d’allier élégance et aisance si vous cherchez du chic décontracté, la robe Fatna est faite pour vous ! Composée à 100% de coton, cette robe vous promet une légèreté dont vous ne pourrez vous...

    32,71 €
  • Sultana dress

    The Sultana dress is made of 100% cotton and elegant! The dress is made of cotton so it is pleasant and soft to wear. Cotton effectively wicks away moisture while heating comfortably in cold weather. The dress is unique in its kind because of the color pattern. This model has an extra wide width from the waist up for a very nice covering set. In addition,...

    37,85 €
  • Lana Dress

    Choose this pretty long and flared dress in light brown color. The Lana dress offers you a beautiful length as well as long flared sleeves in elegance. Its pastel brown taupe color makes it both equally and discreet. It is then her mosaic neck that makes all her original and elegant style. Slim at the level of the shoulders but wide and puffy in its...

    31,97 €
  • Sandy Dress

    An elegant and whimsical dress at the same time! The long and elegant model is slightly flared and decorated with folds at the bottom, which makes it fluid and glamorous. Thanks to its soft and airy fabric, the Sandy dress is ideal in hot weather. The colours of the Sandy dress will perfectly match with cold, warm or pastel colours to bring a more classic...

    25,75 €
  • Rachida Dress

    A soft and elegant fabric for the Rachida dress! With its 95% viscose and 5% lycra fabric, the Rachida dress is airy for lightweight movements allowing comfort all day long. This fluid material prevents you from feeling suffocated in your Rachida dress. Also equipped with a round collar and long sleeves for better protection. Its nuanced color allows you...

    27,62 €
  • Bassima Dress

    Bassima Dress

    27,62 €
  • Latifa Dress

    Latifa Dress

    27,62 €
  • Swada Dress

    The Sawda dress allows is the perfect blend of sobriety and originality! The Sawda dress leaves you with a wide choice of main colour. Vary the pleasures by adding a piece of red based on a beautiful light purple or the other way around, which immediately creates a different look. This way you have two dresses in one. The Sawda dress, made of viscose,...

    25,46 €
  • Nawal Dress

    Nawal Dress

    25,46 €
  • Zoulika Dress

    The Zoulikha dress is an excellent choice for your outfits! Traditional and refined, the Zoulikha dress is suitable for any event. Rather large in size, it will perfectly suit as a daily outfit to make you feel comfortable all day long. Equipped with long sleeves, it perfectly covers your outfit in an elegant way with its round collar. The colour of the...

    25,46 €
  • Faiza Dress

    Faiza Dress

    25,46 €
  • Ilham Dress

    The Ilham long dress is made of breathable cotton with a printed owl for an originality and a feeling of lightness. With its pretty details, the Ilham dress has patterns on the front, which completes a feminine look. The dress falls on the ankles and has short sleeves for a better feeling of freedom of movement. Combine comfort and style and go for the...

    29,11 €
  • Kasima Dress

    Kasima Dress

    31,01 €
  • Nasrin Dress

    A design that fits all body shapes for the Sofia dress! Thanks to its bell cut, the Nasrin dress adapts to all types of women. The bottom of the dress has an asymmetrical shape for a glamorous effect. Its long sleeves and round collar add an extra touch of distinction to the dress. Its color is a traditional color of an intense royal blue that can be...

    31,01 €
  • Dhakiyya Dress

    Dhakiyya Dress

    31,01 €
  • Sabira Dress

    The Sabira dress: functional fabric and casual style! The Sabira dress has a beautiful appearance due to the soft viscose fabric that looks like silk. The color is a beautiful brown shade that can be combined with any other color. The waist is slightly marked which makes the dress feminine and chic. The dress is asymmetrical at the bottom for a fluid and...

    31,01 €
  • Nafisa Dress

    Nafisa Dress

    25,46 €
  • Oumayma Dress

    Do you want a dress for spring or summer that you can't do without? The Oumayma dress is made of a smooth and lightweight viscose fabric, luxurious so airy and comfortable that it gives you a feeling of freedom in your movements. The sleeves of the dress are long up to the wrists to be able to wear it in all seasons. The elegant Oumayma dress is ideal if...

    25,46 €
  • Radjae Dress

    Radjae Dress

    25,46 €
  • Ismahane Dress

    Ismahane Dress

    25,46 €
  • Hayat Dress

    Made to ally elegance and comfort, if you are looking for a casual and chic style , the Hayat dress is made for you! Made of 100% cotton, this dress promises a lightness that you will never be able to resist.In addition to being pretty, the Hayat dress is one of our most comfy products because of its wide fit and its convenience. Moreover, its pastel...

    32,71 €
  • Neslihan Dress

    Neslihan Dress

    32,71 €
  • Sinway Dress

    The Sinway dress, The airy dress ! Viscose fabric is characterised by its firmness and flexibility, so that the fabric does not shine at all. This dress is in a beautiful line since its cut is straight and fluid which brings elegance. The dress brings a touch of elegant sobriety to your daily life. Its khaki colour blends perfectly with the black colour...

    25,75 €
  • Bahia Dress

    Bahia Dress

    27,62 €
  • Lila Dress

    Above and beyond defining who you are, what would you think of an outfit that meets your needs? This viscose made dress will keep you cool on your way to the office as well as for a coffee with friends on the beach. She is your new ally for a beautiful day without any discomfort. Elegant, chic and very feminine, this dress adorned with this beautiful...

    22,06 €
  • Sabrina Dress

    Sabrina Dress

    32,71 €
  • Bélinda Dress

    Bélinda Dress

    29,11 €
  • Wafae Dress

    Wafae Dress

    37,85 €
  • Amal Dress

    What if you had just found the right dress for you? This flamboyant red dress is the definition of originality. Sprinkled with a few geometric patterns of light blue color it will not go unnoticed! Wear it alone or over your favorite leggings to suit you. In addition to its unique style, the Amal dress fits all body types thanks to its long trapezoidal...

    31,01 €
  • Isa Dress

    Isa Dress

    25,46 €
  • Iris Dress

    A pleasant and fluid material for the Iris dress! When you put on this elegant cotton dress, you will immediately feel comfortable and light. The airy model has embroidery along the zipper on the front of the dress for a touch of elegance. The Iris dress meets all your requirements and makes you feel good all day long, and to add a touch of sheer...

    37,85 €