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The Wafae dress is made of 100% cotton and is elegant!

The dress is made of cotton so it is pleasant and soft to wear. Cotton effectively wicks away moisture while heating comfortably in cold weather. The dress is unique in its kind because of the color pattern. This model has an extra wide width from the waist up for a very nice covering set.

In addition, this dress is sober and light. Its seams in the middle of the dress in the front recall the traditional and magical style of the thousand and one nights. A traditional dress revisited to the taste of the day but which keeps its timeless aspect. Its asymmetrical shape at the bottom of the dress accentuates the light fit and elegance of the Wafae dress.

The elegant Wafae dress is unique. High quality cotton makes it a chic and elegant casual dress. The top is adjusted and the sleeves are elegantly connected, not too wide or too narrow. Extremely feminine and modest at the same time, the Wafae dress will brighten up your daily outfits and make you classy and elegant while remaining sober.

This item is available in two unique sizes which fit sizes from 6 to 12 or from 14 to 18. 

  • Taille Unique ( 38 - 44 )
  • Taille Unique ( 46 - 50 )

37,85 €

Data sheet

Matière100% Cotton
Tailleunique size (6 to 12)