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The Sawda dress allows a perfect blend of sobriety and originality!

The Sawda dress leaves you with a wide choice of main colour. Vary the pleasures by adding a piece of red based on a beautiful deep beige or the other way around, which immediately creates a different look. This way you have two dresses in one.

The Sawda dress, made of viscose, brings fluidity and ease to your daily movements. This very breathable fabric will make you feel comfortable without choking. You can wear the Sawda dress in all seasons.

The dress is slightly adjusted, which accentuates the feminine silhouette. All body types will be able to enjoy this exceptional dress in both colours and thus perfect their daily outfits and elegance. Thanks to its soft fabric that does not wrinkle and returns to its original shape, the Sawda dress will perfectly suit all sizes. All women will be able to enjoy the beauty and class of this dress for a dressed and elegant outfit on all occasions.

This article is available in one size only and is suitable for sizes 6 to 16.

25,46 €

Data sheet

Matière%95 viscose %5 lycra
Tailleunique size ( 6 au 16 )